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These videos are from the 2020 season on Winnslie Parkway. The first video below is from Spring of 2020: "This week Friends of Winnslie Parkway (FOWP) were surprised by Fred Schanmier Landscaping Company when the Schanmier crew showed up to restore our pathway and gardens with fresh brown mulch! This was all done as an in-kind donation to our charitable organization. Fred decided to donate his services when he learned that the volunteers at FOWP would not be able to hold their annual "Chip the Parkway" event due to the lockdown restrictions in place on account of the covid-19 pandemic. Also shown is the work done by the Schanmier crew earlier in the month when they were hired to do a spring cleanup job which also could not be done by volunteers this year. Thanks again to Fred and crew for their generosity to the Ravenswood Greenspace community! If you would like to get on our email list or donate go to our webpage, domain name "winnslie" and suffix ".org".

22 May 2020, Second Mowing of Winnslie Parkway, Ravenswood Chicago

Second mowing of Winnslie Parkway, 22 May 2020. Thanks to our donors for making it possible to have Winnslie Parkway mowed by Schanmier Landscaping, and keep it looking great!

Winnslie Parkway 3rd mowing, 5 June 2020

The grass is getting really long between mowings this year because of all the rain. It makes it hard on Schanmier Landscaping and it also does not look as good as when the lawn is freshly mowed. Does anyone think we can raise the extra money it would take to have the extra mowings next year? If so we will have the discussion with Fred Schanmier and see what he can do. Comment below or send a message to

Fourth Mowing of Winnslie Parkway 2020

Keeping Winnslie Parkway looking nice!

Winnslie Parkway July 2020 Update

July 6th, 2020 Winnslie Parkway got a surprise visit from Fred Schanmier's Landscaping crew. The parkway was completely restored including weeding and mulching of the flower beds and ornamental grass beds as well as mulching of the trees. All materials and labor were donated by Fred Schanmier who has been a supporter of Ravenswood Chicago Greenspaces for the last 40 years! Schanmier Landscaping can be contacted at 773-539-7655.