Winnslie Parkway

A Chicago Green Space

on N. Ravenswood Avenue

Keep it Nice! Please Donate


Winnslie Parkway was developed for the general public for the enjoyment of nature in the city! The Parkway was created by a local team of professional landscape architects including Stephen Christy, as well as David Bier and Anna Arbetter of Futurity Inc. The parkway features a walking pathway and stone benches as well as a diverse selection of plants and trees native to Illinois and is maintained by Friends of Winnslie Parkway (FOWP) and its volunteers. FOWP is a 501(c)(3) organization in the Northeast Ravenswood District (47th Ward) on the boarder of South Andersonville (40th Ward). Meant to be enjoyed all year round.


The grounds of Winnslie Parkway are maintained by a local small business, Schanmier Landscape Co. in addition, FOWP has special volunteer events to help maintain the parkway and raise funds to cover the cost of our Landscaping service. Fred Schanmier has generously donated much needed labor and materials to make his services affordable to FOWP. Schanmier Landscape Co. has been working for and donating to the Ravenswood community for over 50 years. The Schanmier Landscape Company can be reached at 773 539 7655.


FOWP is welcoming donations for the 2024 season. We now make it easier than ever to make a positive impact on our operations. We have giving levels for every budget from $10 and up. Donate here,

A Garden in the City

Winnslie Parkway is maintained by Friends of Winnslie Parkway (FOWP) and is on N. Ravenswood Ave between Winnemac and Ainslie Streets (hence "Winnslie"), just north of the Metra Ravenswood Station and south of Christy Gardens. A place to unwind, walk the dog, read a book, or meet your neighbors.

Photos from Winnslie Parkway.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from the Ravenswood community. Every Spring (except for 2020) on the first Saturday to follow Mother's Day we host "Chip The Pathway" to restore the pathway with fresh wood chips. Spring and Fall cleanups are also part of maintenance. We also rely on volunteers to remove litter from the Parkway on a daily basis. Please contact us if you can join in or lend us a wheelbarrow or pitchfork.









2016 volunteers: Chip the Parkway; Robert Bania, Susan Schweers & Danny Kastilahn, Mike Diaz & John Trock, Brian Shearer, Keith Clauson, Libby Saelzler; Phil Digirolamo; Jimm Dodd; David Barnett, Mark Weber & Roy Wesley, Todd Morgenthaler and Andres Arevalo. 2016 Weed Pull Volunteers: Susan Schweers & Danny Kastilahn, Mark Weber, Robert & Jacob Bania, William Karnoscak & David Barnett, Hector & Humberto (paid staff). 2017 Annual Meeting: Jon Stake, Lise Loberg, Mark Weber, Roy Wesley, Nick Christopher, Keith Clauson, Maggie Finegan. 2017 Weeding and Mulching Events: Stephen Christy & Crew (paid), Mark Weber. 2018 Brush Clearing Event: Robert Bania, Roy Wesley, Mark Weber. 2018 Chip the Parkway: Workers: TJ Sullivan, Giselle, Bianca & Robert Bania, Jason Farber, Toni Dorosh, David Barnett, Keith Clauson, Danny Kastilahn, Roy Wesley & Mark Weber, Pete Simmons, Phil Digirolamo, Todd Morgenthaler and Andres Arevalo. Refreshment Providers: Nick Breit, Lise Loberg. Equipment Lenders: Stephen Christy, Juan & Fabian Perez/ Gary Forell, Brian Westphal & Mike Mc Vickers, Charles Dimaggio. 2019 Chip the Parkway: David Barnett, Robert Bania, Keith Clauson, Todd Morgenthaler, Andres Arevalo, Jason Farber, Libby Saelzler, Danny Kastilahn, Toni Dorosh, Michael Dorosh, Lise Loberg, Pat, Amy, Colin, and Erin Brophy, James Haigh, Susan Bernard, Mark Weber, and Roy Wesley.

Our 2016-2019 Donors

Donations go to the Friends of Winnslie Parkway (FOWP) which is a 501c3 charitable organization whose mission is to provide volunteer support and funding to maintain and beautify Winnslie Parkway. The donations we collect pay for fourteen (14) mowings from the start of May to the end of October, and also cover Spring and Fall cleanups under contract with Schanmier Landscape Co. (773) 539-7655.Schanmier and Co. have been serving Ravenswood since 1970.

Golden Oak Patrons

New: $350 covers FOUR WEEKS maintenance.

Formerly: Our $500 Gold donors: Lisa Gershenson & John Chavez; Michael Yannell; Mark Weber & Roy Wesley; Jon Stake & Nick Christopher.

Silver Maple Benefactors

New: $175 covers TWO WEEKS maintenance.

Formerly: $200 donors: Todd Morganthaler & Andreas Arevalo; Robert Bania & Giselle Santibanez-Bania; Ravensview Townhome Association; Luan & Robert Lee; Brian Shearer; Lise Loberg & Mike Schmitt; William Karnoscak & David Barnett; Keith Clauson & Maggie Finegan.

Bronze Viburnum Sponsors

$100+ covers one-half a mowing and maintenance.

Susan Schweers and Dan Kastilahn; TJ & Faith Sullivan; Peggy Papaioannou; Robert Bania & Giselle Santibanez-Bania; Nick Breit & Elena Jiang; Patrick and Amy Brophy; Lynn Wysoglad & Tim Dollear.

Red Bud Contributor

$50+ helps us mow and maintain the parkway.

Sam Angelotta and Family.

Green Sage Supporters

$20+ helps us mow and maintain the parkway.

Paul and Kristelle Rubrich; Jimm Dodd; Jason & Kim Farber; Phil Digirolamo.

What Our Donors and Volunteers Say

It's a pleasure to support efforts that beautify our community and provide a haven for people to enjoy the city.

John Chavez and Lisa Gershenson, Chicago residents, Golden Oak Patrons 2019-2020.

“Commuters, runners, dog walkers, nature lovers, young, & old. They all use Winnslie Parkway because it is beautiful and close to home.”

Roy Wesley and Mark Weber, Ravenswood residents, Golden Oak Patrons 2019-2020.

“Transit Tees gladly donates graphic design and website expertise to FOWP. We love your green space in the city for all to enjoy!”

Tim Gillengerten and Dan Bell, Owners of Transit Tees, Andersonville and Wicker Park, Chicago.

“We want the neighborhood to look as nice as possible and we are thankful to have FOWP taking care of the parkway to make it look great!”

Jon and Nick, Ravenswood Residents, Chicago, Golden Oak Patrons.

“We love volunteering, donating, and planting flowers to share with our neighbors on Winnslie Parkway. And, we appreciate the benefit to our property values as well!”

Maggie Finegan and Keith Clauson, Ravenswood volunteers and donors,