Chip the Parkway 2021

Saturday May 15th 2021 8-10am

5003 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago IL

Description: Community Event, Ravenswood, Chicago.

Volunteers add wood chips to the footpath in our neighborhood green space, Winnslie Parkway. The event is sponsored by Friends of Winnslie Parkway (FOWP), Ravenswood, Chicago. Register here by sending us an email with your name and put “Chip the Parkway” in the subject line. Or register on our Facebook Grouppage “Friends of Winnslie Parkway”.

Chip the Parkway 2018.

Friends of Winnslie Parkway. Restoring the woodchip pathway for another season on Winnslie Parkway in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago.


Today was our annual Chip the Parkway Event for 2021 and we could not have asked for a better day for it! We had 20 volunteers and with seven wheelbarrows and more than enough shovels and pitch forks and rakes and buckets we had the whole parkway re-chipped in just over one hour!! We are already forming the committee for next years event which promises to be bigger and better since we hope to do it in conjunction with another green space improvement event on the South or West side of Chicago. More details as these plans develop! Let us know if you'd like to be involved in the planning. Meanwhile the volunteers for todays event, in the accompanying photo, are (LtoR): Toni Dorosh, Barbara Cooper,Tim Dollear, Lynn Wysoglad, Jude Algas, Aaron Algas, Keith Clauson, William Francis Karnoscak, Mike Dorosh, David Barnett, Roy Wesley, Paul Rubrich, Patrick Brophy, Randy Neufeld, Phillipa Cannon, Mark Weber, Elena Menicocci, and Robert Bania. Not in photo: Susan Bernard, Danny Kastilahn. Again, thanks to for donating the wonderful new Winnslie Parkway logo design and for donating the t-shirts for this event! Also thanks to our wheelbarrow and garden tool donors, Stephen Christy, Juan Perez, Barbara Cooper, Brian Westphal and Mike McVicker and Randy Neufeld.


Monday, April 26th, 2021, 7-8pm

Meet at 5003 N Ravenswood Ave Unit 1

Note this event was moved up and completed early. It only took two people to cut all the vines. The vines were beginning to leaf out so we needed to cut them before the May 1st date that was originally planned.

Vines are covering this tree and many others on the Ravenswood Parkway between Lawrence and Ainslie Ave.

Save the Trees, vine cutting event for Friends of Winnslie Parkway, April 26, 2021.

Volunteer Event

Spring Clean and Green 2021

Saturday April 24th, 2021, 8am-11am meet at 5003 N. Ravenswood Ave. Unit 1.

"Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation Hosts Annual Clean And Green Day of Service"

Friends of Winnslie Parkway is registered to participate in this event and is welcoming volunteers to join us to pick up trash along the Ravenswood Railroad Parkway between Winnemac Ave and Lawrence Ave. Just come to the event or RSVP using the website contact page or Facebook event page and meet us on Saturday Apr 24th, 2021 in front of 5003 N. Ravenswood Ave. Unit 1 at 8 am. The event will go from 8am to 11 am or as long as volunteers are willing to help. Trash bags will be provided by Streets and Sanitation. Bring leather gloves and sturdy shoes for safety in this area. The area that will be cleaned is shown in the video above.

Event Wrap-up

We had a great Spring Clean and Green 2021 Event! We had the parkway cleared of trash in less than two hours. On top of that we had NO RAIN to deal with and moderate temperatures which made for a perfect event. Thanks to Roy Wesley for donating the box of coffee and thanks to MARIANOS 1800 W. Lawrence Avenue for donating two boxes of donuts! And most of all thanks to our 11 volunteers who helped make our parkway a lot cleaner!