Welcome to the 2024 Winnslie Donation Page!

$4,000 GOAL. $4,460.00 raised

Expenses: Spring Cleanup $1000 followed by mowing --$200 every two weeks from May through October ending with Fall cleanup .We have many donation levels!! Please notify us if you wish your donation to remain anonymous.

2024 Donors

Repeat Donors in BOLD

Yusef & Mallory Elfiki - Bronze

Mark Weber & Roy Wesley - Platinum

James Haigh & Family-Golden Oak

Lisa Noack-Red Bud

Nicole & Jonathon Byrd-Bronze Viburnum

Cheryl Iverson-Red Bud

Bob & Caroline Weber-Red Bud

Lynn Wysoglad & Tim Dollear—Silver Maple+

Paul Newman-Bronze Viburnum

William Nikola & Barbara Cooper—Silver Maple

Elena Jiang & Nick Breit—Bronze Viburnum

Kay Berkson—Bronze Viburnum

Randy Neufeld & Susan Geil—Bronze Viburnum

Brendan Anderson—Bronze Viburnum

Arturo Trovato & Libbey Saelzler—Bronze Viburnum

Michael Reynolds—Commuter

Colleen Weber—Red Bud

Sarah Brotherton—Red Bud

Katherine Rickert—Golden Oak

Sarah Howgate—Red Bud

Michael McLean—Red Bud

Michael Yannell—Platinum Oak

Kristie Atwood—Silver Maple

Allison Thawley—Red Bud

Aaron Toussaint & Sabine Brink—Platinum Oak

Ellen McLaughlin Family—Platinum Oak


to the extent allowed by US code 170.

Platinum Oak Patron

$500 +

Pays for one-half of the $1,000 annual Spring Clean-up process, or more than one month of lanscaping expenses.

Golden Oak Patron

$350 - $499

Pays for two full mowings.

Silver Maple Benefactor

$200 - $349

Pays for one full mowing.

Bronze Viburnum Sponsor

$100 - $199

Pays for more than one-half of a mowing.

Red Bud Contributor

$50 - $99

Keep the parkway looking nice!

Green Sage Supporter

$20 - $49

Every donation helps to keep the parkway looking its best! Click the yellow "Donate" button above.


$10 - $19

Enjoy nature on your walk to the Metra. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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Send to: FOWP, 5003 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Unit 1, Chicago, IL 60640